Friday, October 31, 2008

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Busy As Fuck.

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It's good to be back at work. Yesterday was my first day back. The last full day I worked was August 10th...and I had to laugh at myself, because after about 3 or 4 hours, I actually started to get tired. I gotta get back into work shape! LOL. Game Stop is SO different from CD/Game Exchange. Everything is so precise. I've been doing what they call "Gutting" where I take the game out of the case, but it in a paper sleeve and then price the case while the game is up front. At CD/Game Exchange all we used to do was lock the games in the case and customers would look in and tell us what they wanted. I've already raked in almost 20 hours in just two days. One thing I will miss though is getting paid every week. It came in handy especially for shoe releases. I'll get used to it though. Even when I was moonlighting at Champs Sports, I still had CD/Game Exchange money coming in. This is the first time I've had only one job and gotten paid every two weeks since 2000. I'm just thankful to be back on the right track. Thank You Jesus!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Me Yesterday messing around with one of my blacklights.

Shoes. (Cool Grey 11's)
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Shirt. (Jordan T-Shirt)
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Top View.
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On Some Quarantine Type Sh....
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Sunday, October 26, 2008

Shoe Wants.

Right Now I'm blessed to have 641 shoes, with 602 of them being Nikes. Most normal people tell me I have too much and that I'm crazy, obsessed, or they call my wonderful hobby a fetish, and I don't classify what I do as any of the above. I still have many wants. Some are reachable this year, and some will take awhile, while others, I'm sure I'll never own, but you never know......

Jordans I want the most.

08 Air Jordan 2 Retro White/Grey/Red (Countdown Pack)
06 Air Jordan 5 Retro LS "Grape"
08 Air Jordan 6 Retro "Carmine" (Countdown Pack)
94 OG Air Jordan 9 "Charcoal"
95 OG Air Jordan 10 "Chicago"
05 Air Jordan 13 Retro LS"Altitude"

SB's I want the most.

Dunk High "De La Soul"
Dunk High "T-19"
Dunk High "Lucky"
Dunk High "Wheat"
Dunk High "Undefeated"
Dunk Low "Shark"
Dunk High "Black Melvins"
Dunk High "Send Helps"
Dunk Low "Jedis"
Dunk High "Sea Crystals"
Dunk Low "Heinekens"
Air Trainer 1 "Gold Digger"
Air Trainer 1 "Bamboo"
Air Trainer 2 "White Supreme"
Blazer Mid "Mission"
Blazer Mid "Red Supreme"
Blazer Mid "Red Beautiful Loser"
Blazer Mid "Zoo York"

Vintage Wants.
88 Outbreak Hi (Blue/Yellow)
91 Air Force 5 (White/Blue)
94 Air Unlimited (Black/Blue)
94 Air Swift "Pippen"
95 Air Flight One "Orlando" or Black/White
95 Air Up "Orlando"
95 Air G.O. LWP "Golden State"
96 Air Shake Ndestukt "Playoffs"
97 Air CB34
98 Air Max '95 SC "Pools" (Wmns)
98 Air Max '95 SC "Safety Orange"
98 Air Ubiquitous (Black/Lime)
98 Air Trainer SC (White/Blue/Orange)
98 Air Max (White/Navy/Yellow)
98 Air CB4 Max 2 "Houston"
99 Air Afterburner Flight "Lime"
99 Air Max Deluxe "Dolphins"
00 Air Zoom GP 2 (Grey/Black/Orange)

Stuff I'll probably never own.

03 Air Force 1 High "Stash"
06 Air Force 1 Low "Playstation"
03 Air Force 2 Low "Espo"
89 Air Pressure
08 Air Jordan 23 "Titanium"
02 Savier Trainer (Grey/Blue)
Adidas Torison Special (Grey/Blue/Black)
03 Dunk Low "NYC Pigeons"
03 Dunk Low "Paris"
04 Dunk High "FLOM"
08 Hyperdunk "McFly"
99 Dunk High Goldenrod "Wu-Tang"
03 Dunk High "Pharrell"
Air Max 90 "DQM"
06 Zoom LeBron 3 "Dunkman"
06 Zoom LeBron 3 "Superman"
Air Max '95 "Monster".

And Many More that I left off........... :)

Saturday, October 25, 2008


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For as much as I got into yesterday, I didn't do shit today. I went to Hot Sauce Williams, watched Ohio State get their asses busted, and now I'm bored which means that after I get off the computer, TV is in the immediate future. I've had a couple of ladies on FSF act as if they're interested in the Laneys, but when I ask for an email address so I can send a paypal invoice, I don't hear anything back. Whatever. If I don't sell them this week, to Ebay they go!!!!!


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I Guess me going to see this guy for the third time in Concert sparked me to write about him like I did Tupac last week. What's weird is that I didn't like Jay-Z at all when he came out at the end of freshman year in 1996. I thought he was on the corny side and the only NYC rappers I really listened to at that time were B.I.G and Wu-Tang Clan. It started to change when I heard his Cameos on Lil' Kim's Big Momma Thang, Shaq's No Love Lost, and of course Love The Dough On B.I.G's life or death. It was gradual....I liked City Is Mine, but the OG version (Glenn Frey's You Belong To The City from the Miami Vice Soundtrack) has a big part in that.

Everything changed though in 1998.

Anyone who know's me knows that I LOVE SOUTHERN RAP!!!! I just do. The beats are just different and more to my taste. I was all about No Limit from say...1996 to 2000, and Master P was really the only dude out there owning his own shit, and making movies and all that. When I saw Jay-Z doing the same shit with Roc-A-Fella in their early days, I (with my 17-18 year old mindset) thought he was jocking Master P's Ideas....much like Cash Money Records would later do (That however, is for another blog at a later date!!! LOL), but again, everything would change.

Enter the Streets is Watching Soundtrack. Now....Vol. 1 in my lifetime was sorta had City Is Mine which I mentioned earlier, and Sunshine....another of many countless duets with Inga Marchand, better known as Foxy Brown and a Babyface sample (Though the video and CD say featuring Babyface), but Streets is Watching was more gritty but not overly New York Gritty.....and It's Alright with Memphis Bleek put Jay in a lot of living rooms and airplay that I don't think he had before....then right after that, you have Money Ain't A Thing on Jermaine Dupri's Life In 1472 that got constant airplay....and Then....

Volume 2 Hard Knock Life. Jay-Z's bread and butter. That CD that made him a mainstream star. People can say Reasonable Doubt all you want, but this CD is what got Jay constant videoplay on MTV. Volume 2 was so successful and boosted his popularity so much higher, they reissued Reasonable Doubt in December 1998.

OG Reasonable Doubt Cover.
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Reissue Reasonable Doubt Cover.
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They also changed the design on the disc and the spine.

Can I Get A.. and Hard Knock Life were two of the biggest songs of 1998 and the first jumpstarted Ja Rule's career.

We all know what came after.....and then like MJ, he retires and comes back to regain the top spot! In My Opinion Jay-Z is one of the greatest because of his perfect blend of street cred and mainstream appeal. I don't think a rapper has had that on such a universal level. He's not an all around entertainer like Tupac was, and I don't feel that he's better than B.I.G, but he's definitely the closest one to him. When I say universal, I mean an artist that can pretty much go anywhere in the world and sell out a concert.

Universal Artists.

The Rolling Stones
Michael Jackson
Tina Turner
there are a few others I usually can think of but for some reason I can't right now.

If you were to pick a rapper though, I think It'd have to be him.

Reminisce Session #4 OG 1997 Air Griffey Max 2

Pic and words from My Sneakerplay Gallery.
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Ken Griffey's signature shoe for the 1997 MLB season....not quite as good as the Griffey 1, but better than most of the Griffeys to follow. This shoe was retroed in 2003 in 2 Cincinnati Reds colorways. Griffey has played with the Reds since 2000.

Friday, October 24, 2008

Plus Nobody I Knew Got Killed In South Shaker Today....Today Was A Good Day

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Today was the best day I've had in a long time!!!!!!!!!! I was having some problems with my furnace and the people that were servicing it said that they wouldn't be able to get to it until monday, but by 9:00am the guy came and fixed it. Then my dad took me to Nile Valley restaurant on Lee Rd. for breakfast. I had a "T-Bone Steak, Cheese Eggs, and Welch's Grape" along with some great homefries. Then I met up with Big Shon, Jasmine, and Najma to wait in line for the free Jay-Z tickets at Shaker Square. The line was so long it seemed like it went all the way down to E.116. We were also filmed by Channel 3 (NBC). Some Cluck ass Bitch was trying to hate because I just showed up and was near the front of the line which guaranteed me 2 floor seats on the lower level.
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Big Shon.
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Jasmine and Najma.
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Najma, Big Shon, Jasmine.
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So after we all got our tickets, Shon and I rolled over to Dave's Surf and Turf at De Forest, then I went home to chill for a minute then I hooked up with the infamous Khrys. It was fun though!!! We went to Ruby Tuesday where I got a good three plates of Salad before my burger came, then we went to her house to chill and shit. We watched Blue Steak of all things to watch, but it was cool to see Martin in 90's form instead of how he is now making kid movies and shit. After that, we watched Rachel on MSNBC. And After That....
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It was a nice chill experience with her, sorta like the old days. Her cat Mary Jane loves me but I'm very allegic to her and Claritin doesn't always work like it should. That's why I was looking like this by the time I was leaving.
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God Is Good.
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Today I Didn't Even Have To Use My AK....I Gotta Say It Was A Good Day!!!

Thursday, October 23, 2008


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Uneventful day today....just made some dinner...and put a bunch of music videos from my high school days on my zune. I put the Laneys up for sale on FSF and SF. The listing is still under review with Niketalk and NSB. They're a nice shoe, but I've wondered why they are so sought after? On PYS and Promo-Shoes among others, these cost more than the other 2000 Jordan 5's....even the OG colors. I always though these were OK....but I can clearly remember them being on sale for $59.99 in many places in late 2000 and early 2001. I guess it's just a matter of time for some kicks. The Mocha 3 is another one that was dirt in 2001 but people want badly now. I beat my pair up on purpose. They were only $39.99 when I got them from I see them for 200+. I personally couldn't do it. I even feel that way about 11's.....I guess I look at shoes a little differently since I was old enough to buy and remember a lot of these as OG's and "OR's" (Original Retroes) Eh.

2000 Air Jordan 5 Laney Edition Size 4.5

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Accepted Forms of Payment.......

Paypal + 4%. (Preferred)

USPS Money Orders.

I'm Located in Cleveland, Ohio.

Contact me by a PM here or

2000 Air Jordan 5 Laney. (Released in May 2000).

Condition: Good Worn Condition. Jumpmans are still on the insoles!!!!Yellowing on Netting and bottom. Bottom has full treads on both shoes. Very minimal creasing. Very Very slight paint chipping on the back. The left shoe is a little more yellow from a side view than the right shoe. Doesn't come with OG box but a Nike Box will be provided for double boxed shipping. Doesn't come with OG laces.

$100 OBO.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Things Just Got A Little Brighter......

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Today was a pretty cool day. I got hired at GameStop as an assistant manager and I start sometime next week. I've been in management before, but I've never helped open a new store before. I'm trying not to get too up about it though....I prefer to stay on an even keel so if something doesn't go as I hoped it would, I won't be devastated by it like a lot of people I know. I also found some Air Role Ndestruckts at Value World for 6.99
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I also came up on some Air Jordan 5 "Laneys" in a 4.5. I want to clean them a bit before I take pics, but they are for sale. If you're looking for these in a 4.5. Hit me up at

As Far as the rest of the day, I just chilled, then I went to Zarinah's house to watch the Cavs get their ass busted by the Pistons in the second to last preseason game. LeBron didn't play, but Maurice Williams and J.J. Hickson look to be promising. The Cavs need to get rid of some of that old dead wood...i.e...Varejao and Pavlovic. Zarinah was kinda eh. But I had fun. It's officially cold as fuck outside though.

Reminisce Session #3 1991 Air Jordan 6 White/Infared.

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The Air Jordan 6 is one of the few Air Jordans left that hasn't been whored out by Nike and Jordan Brand. Until the 6/17 countdown pack came out in May, the Black Infareds were the only OG 6 to release. I wonder why? Even though I was 10 and 11 when this shoe was new, this is when I really started getting into shoes and wanting them so the Air Jordan 6 is very special to me. I also met my best friend James because of these. We met in 5th grade when he had these and I had the black infareds and that started everything.....James hasn't had a pair of Jordans since. He's an adidas head now. The only Nike he has is some Air Alpha Force 2 in black/grey that I've never seen before, but we became friends over these 6's. He still says that his were better all these years later. He says this because Grade school Black Infareds were made out of leather. His were made out of leather too but so were the adult sizes. They changed this when they retroed the Black Infareds in 2000 though. This was also around the same time I started watching Basketball for real and even though I'm a Laker fan that bleeds purple and gold....and I love them enough to get their insignia tatooed on my left arm, the only time I can stomach watching them lose in an NBA final is 1991. This is when the Bulls finally broke through the hated Pistons and a Laker team that was good, but wasn't "Real" Showtime even though Magic was there. MJ was wearing these shoes in the second half of that regular season that led them to 61 wins and 21 losses to get the #1 spot in the east over the Pistons, The Celtics, and the 76ers. Had he not took care of business in these...other than the 1991 allstar game in Charlotte, the Black Infareds wouldn't have seen the hardwood.

These shoes are so awesome. But....being realistic....all Nike and Jordan Brand would do is make the red a darker true red like they did on the 2001 Black/Red Retro 11 and the 2006 White/Red Retro 14. It wouldn't be the same. Now, some won't agree, but the White/Maroon and Sport/September Blue pairs were boring to me then and now.....I'm not sure how they'd do now, but I don't remember many people having them then either....the most visible person with the Sport/September Blues was Jerry Seinfeld. MJ wore them once in Magic's All Star Charity game in Summer 1991.

These with INFARED...not TRUE RED would fly...Nike Air or not.....maybe we'll see them next year. I just don't trust JB though...they'd do some fuckery like make them a quickstrike or even worse a hyperstike.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008


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Nothing much going on today....I missed the Riviera earlier though......I had a very uncomfortable ride downtown on the 14 today. A middle aged woman that smelled like my feet after a few hours of outdoor basketball fell on me and then mean mugged me afterwards, and a transit cop kept looking at me strange because the bus farebox was acting as if it didn't want to take my dollars. After all that I took my mom to lunch in the Tower City food court, but there were teenagers everywhere....I mean everywhere, then my mom had to get raw with the woman at McDonalds because she was acting like it was wrong for my mom to ask for dressing and croutons with her salad. After I walked her back to her job, I finally got Married with Children Season 9 from FYE. The cashier kept trying to get me to look at all their promo shit and I almost missed the rapid back home. After riding the bus downtown, there was no way I was gonna ride it back. The Rapid owns the bus daily.....the bus just runs more often.

My Mom and I last year.
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Oh, I already got outbid on the

Monday, October 20, 2008

Joyce Weathers 1925-2001. R.I.P

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I Miss My Grandmother...she would've been 83 today if she was living. She passed away on October 8, 2001. The void that her and my Grandfather have left will never be filled. Every holiday was an event on E.143rd between Milverton and Kinsman because everyone around that way knew of my Grandmother and her magnificent cooking. It may seem silly but there are certain things that I still refuse to eat because she's not alive to cook.

My Grandmother is on the left, My GreatGrandmother is on the right.
Circa the early 40s.
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I do however feel fortunate that I had her in my life for 20 years and 10 months. My Grandfather wasn't the same after her passing, and all of us that were close and knew that when he passed 9 months after she did, that he'd died of a broken heart. They were married for 56 years until her passing. I do know that they were both saved people that had been accepted Jesus as their personal saviours so I knew that they'd gone to a much better place than here. RIP.

My Grandparents in 1992.
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Not a Great Pic, but my tatoo on my right arm in honor of them.
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Today I was gonna wear my OG Playoff 8's, but I decided to retire them and start wearing the Retroes since I've only gotten a few wears out of them since they came out last December. I was blessed to handle my refund check situation and ran a few errands, but I didn't get to go to the Cemetary like I wanted to to visit my grandmothers grave. I spent some time with my dad and we shared some memories of my grandparents. I also filmed some more infomercials for him. Khrys called me specifically to argue about arguing with me both Saturday and Sunday which was fun (HEAVY SARCASM), but it did break up the boredum I was experiencing right before I started writing this.

I'm also bidding on some white/black/red DubZeros but my max bid is only $11.00...that's all I'm willing to pay for them. I've won much better stuff for less than my max bid on these hideous things. If I win great, if not oh well...
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Reminisce Session #2. 1998 Wmns Air Max '95 "Pool"

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These released in the late summer/early fall of 1998....around the same time or shortly after the Safety Oranges came out. A few of my female friends and classmates had these and I've wanted them ever since.

I Cannot put into words how bad I want these. I also can't put into words how hard it is to find a pair in my size. Since I generally wear a 10.5 to 11 (in most cases 11 though), I'd have to find these in a womens 12. That's damn near impossible. Every time I see them on Ebay, they're usually too small and in some cases too expensive. Last week a guy had a pair on there for 400. As bad as I want these, the most I'd probably pay would be 200, and that'd be pushing it. The Fresh Water 95's that are supposed to come out next spring are similar, BUT I WANT THESE. Does anyone have a womens size 12 they wanna sell me??????