Sunday, February 28, 2010


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What Happened To Takedown Shoes? I Haven't Seen Nike Make These In Quite Sometime....

Anyway, Things Have Been Cool....I'm Ready For All This Fuckin' Snow To Be Gone. Except For Cleaning The House, I Plan On Doing Nothing Today Other Than Watching Basketball....The Lakers Play Those Hoe Ass Nuggets Again At 3:30.

I Need To Start Having More Fun. Period.

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Reminisce Session: Air Pp2

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First, I Want To Say That I'm A Lakers Fan, So Naturally I Hate The Celtics. I've Always Thought Of Paul Pierce As A Good Player...A Star, But Not A Superstar. I Feel That He'd Be Good Enough To Sell Sneakers, But For Some Reason, Nike Only Releases His Shoes In Grade School Sizes. I Can't Figure That Out. He's Had About 5 Sigs, But You'd Never Know It. I Think Recently They Gave Him The Vince Carter Treatment...Meaning They Gave Him A Player Exclusive In A Team Based Colorway With His Logo On The Side Or Back.