Sunday, July 10, 2011

OG And 99 Air Jordan 4's.

My Sister And I With OG And 99 Air Jordan 4's.
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Monday, July 4, 2011

1985 Slam Dunk Contest

1985 Gatorade Slam Dunk Contestants....
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Terrance Stansbury.....The Most Underrated Dunker Of The 80's.....Along With Dr. Dunkenstein, Air Jordan, Clyde The Glyde, Dr.J, The Best Cavs PF Of All Time, The Human Highlight Film, And The Pippen Before Pippen.

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Kobe's Top 100 To Khaled's Brown Paper Bag And Baby's Pop Bottles!

Monday, May 30, 2011

Memorial Day

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It's Been Great Being Off The Last Two Days And Not Having To Even Think About Villa....

I've Managed To Spend Some Time With My Parents And Sister, And I'm Supposed To Be Seeing V For The Holiday....We'll See.

Being Back In A Shoe Store Setting, I've Been Shocked On How Popular Griffey Retroes And Hybrids Have Become Over The Last Two Years. I've Always Liked Griffey And Have At Least One OG Pair Of All Of His Shoes Except For The 99 Griffey IV, And 04 Griffey IX.

Thursday, May 5, 2011


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Something That Made Me Laugh At A Time When Things Absolutely Suck. Villa Is Not Even Close What I Expected It To Be. This Has Been The Longest 90 Days EVER! Everything Is So Fly By Night It's Ridiculous.

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Made Man

I Raise The Bar....I Leave You Shooken.....My Outfit Magic Johnson...Keep Cowards No Lookin'

I Raise The Bar....I Know You Niggaz Tired...My Nike's Michael Jordan....Them Bitches Keep On Flyin'....David Thompson....Let 'Em Skywalk...Put 'Em In The Shoebox....And Let 'Em Cool Off....

The Actual Song Though....

Not A Fan Of Flashing Pictures Videos But There's No Real Video For This Yet. Though I Feel A Lot Of Rick Ross Sounds The Same (Especially When Produced By Lex Luger) But This Is My Shit.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Reminisce Session: Air Alpha Force

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I Haven't Done A Reminisce Session In Awhile Because Nike Is Retroing Everything These Days From Jordans To Griffeys To Trainers To What Have You....But Where Is This Shoe. Back In 1988 My Dad Had These Blue Ones Pictured As Well As The Red Ones. Barkley Wore These As Well. The Alpha Force 2 Was Retroed In 2003-04, But The Only OG Colorways I Can Remember Coming Out Where The 76ers Colorway And The White/Black/Grey Colorway. Nike Should Bring These Back As Well.

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Ice Cube: True To The Game (1991) And The Entourages....

One Of My Favorite Videos....Didn't Get A Lot Of Play For Obvious Reasons, But Sometimes I Need To See Ice Cube In This Way To Offset Seeing Him In Are We There/Done Yet? And Those TBS "Very Funny" Ads For The Are We There Yet TV Show. Classic Cube At His Finest. On A Side Note, This Is The Video They Were Watching In "It Was A Good Day" When Cube Said "Went To Show Dogg's House....They Was Watchin' Yo MTV Raps....What's The Happs On The Craps"

I Also Finally Got Some LeBron VIII's In The Quickstrike Entourage Colorway.
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I Used To Buy A Lot More LeBrons.....

1. Air Zoom Generations: 6...White/Black/Red, White/Crimson, Wheats (Rookie Game), Black/Red, White/Blue Low, All White Low
2. LeBron 2: 3....Black/Red, White/Blue, "All Star"
3. LeBron 3: 7....White/Black/Red, "East Coast", "West Coast", "Birthday", "All Star", White/Navy, Black/Gold
4. LeBron 4: 5....Black/White/Red, "East Coast", "West Coast", "All Star" (Skills Challenge), Black/Red
5. LeBron 5: 5...White/Navy, Black/Red, "Birthday", White/Black/Red (Stars), "Dunkman"
6. LeBron 6: 4...Black/White/Red, "Batman", "Chalk", "All Star".
7. LeBron 7: 2...White/Black/Red, White/Navy/Red P.S.
8. LeBron 8: 1...Entourage

I Plan On Getting More LeBron VIII's.

Friday, February 4, 2011


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Won These For 85 Shipped! I Can't Believe I Have Both The One Time Onlys And The Air Force 180's! I Can't Wait To Wear These Bitches When The Weather Is Cooperative.....

I've Been On Absolute Fire On Ebay....Winning Shit That I Always Wanted! I Also Have Recently Won Some Kobe II's In The Carpe Diem Colorway, Some SB T-19's, The Bloody Valentine P-Rod 2's, Some Infared Structure Triax '91's To Name A Few. I Got Outbid On Some Espo Air Force II's In The Final Minute. (Felon Face) And I Won Another Lil' Penny Doll As Well....I Paid 70 For One In 2008....This One Was Only Around Twenty.

I Also Work For These Cats Now.....

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Thursday, January 6, 2011


Finally Got Some In My Size. The Only Tier 0 Shoes I Own.

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I Also Came Up On These For 50 Shipped.
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