Sunday, March 6, 2011

Ice Cube: True To The Game (1991) And The Entourages....

One Of My Favorite Videos....Didn't Get A Lot Of Play For Obvious Reasons, But Sometimes I Need To See Ice Cube In This Way To Offset Seeing Him In Are We There/Done Yet? And Those TBS "Very Funny" Ads For The Are We There Yet TV Show. Classic Cube At His Finest. On A Side Note, This Is The Video They Were Watching In "It Was A Good Day" When Cube Said "Went To Show Dogg's House....They Was Watchin' Yo MTV Raps....What's The Happs On The Craps"

I Also Finally Got Some LeBron VIII's In The Quickstrike Entourage Colorway.
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I Used To Buy A Lot More LeBrons.....

1. Air Zoom Generations: 6...White/Black/Red, White/Crimson, Wheats (Rookie Game), Black/Red, White/Blue Low, All White Low
2. LeBron 2: 3....Black/Red, White/Blue, "All Star"
3. LeBron 3: 7....White/Black/Red, "East Coast", "West Coast", "Birthday", "All Star", White/Navy, Black/Gold
4. LeBron 4: 5....Black/White/Red, "East Coast", "West Coast", "All Star" (Skills Challenge), Black/Red
5. LeBron 5: 5...White/Navy, Black/Red, "Birthday", White/Black/Red (Stars), "Dunkman"
6. LeBron 6: 4...Black/White/Red, "Batman", "Chalk", "All Star".
7. LeBron 7: 2...White/Black/Red, White/Navy/Red P.S.
8. LeBron 8: 1...Entourage

I Plan On Getting More LeBron VIII's.

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