Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Reminisce Session: Air Alpha Force

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I Haven't Done A Reminisce Session In Awhile Because Nike Is Retroing Everything These Days From Jordans To Griffeys To Trainers To What Have You....But Where Is This Shoe. Back In 1988 My Dad Had These Blue Ones Pictured As Well As The Red Ones. Barkley Wore These As Well. The Alpha Force 2 Was Retroed In 2003-04, But The Only OG Colorways I Can Remember Coming Out Where The 76ers Colorway And The White/Black/Grey Colorway. Nike Should Bring These Back As Well.

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Ice Cube: True To The Game (1991) And The Entourages....

One Of My Favorite Videos....Didn't Get A Lot Of Play For Obvious Reasons, But Sometimes I Need To See Ice Cube In This Way To Offset Seeing Him In Are We There/Done Yet? And Those TBS "Very Funny" Ads For The Are We There Yet TV Show. Classic Cube At His Finest. On A Side Note, This Is The Video They Were Watching In "It Was A Good Day" When Cube Said "Went To Show Dogg's House....They Was Watchin' Yo MTV Raps....What's The Happs On The Craps"

I Also Finally Got Some LeBron VIII's In The Quickstrike Entourage Colorway.
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I Used To Buy A Lot More LeBrons.....

1. Air Zoom Generations: 6...White/Black/Red, White/Crimson, Wheats (Rookie Game), Black/Red, White/Blue Low, All White Low
2. LeBron 2: 3....Black/Red, White/Blue, "All Star"
3. LeBron 3: 7....White/Black/Red, "East Coast", "West Coast", "Birthday", "All Star", White/Navy, Black/Gold
4. LeBron 4: 5....Black/White/Red, "East Coast", "West Coast", "All Star" (Skills Challenge), Black/Red
5. LeBron 5: 5...White/Navy, Black/Red, "Birthday", White/Black/Red (Stars), "Dunkman"
6. LeBron 6: 4...Black/White/Red, "Batman", "Chalk", "All Star".
7. LeBron 7: 2...White/Black/Red, White/Navy/Red P.S.
8. LeBron 8: 1...Entourage

I Plan On Getting More LeBron VIII's.