Friday, January 30, 2009

My 51st Post.....All Time NBA lineups by Decade.

I debate with a lotta people about who was the best at their position at certain points in time....


East Starting 5

PG. Isiah Thomas...#11 Detroit Pistons
SG. Michael Jordan...#23 Chicago Bulls
SF. Larry Bird...#33 Boston Celtics
PF. Kevin McHale...#32 Boston Celtics
C. Moses Malone...#2 Philadelphia 76ers


G. Dennis Johnson...#3 Boston Celtics
G. Maurice Cheeks...#10 Philadelphia 76ers
F. Bernard King...#30 New York Knicks/Washington Bullets
F. Julius Erving (Dr. J)...#6 Philadelphia 76ers
F. Dominique Wilkins...#21 Atlanta Hawks
F. Bobby Jones...#24 Philadelphia 76ers
C. Robert Parish...#00 Boston Celtics

West Starting 5...

PG. Earvin Magic Johnson...#32 Los Angeles Lakers
SG. Clyde Drexler...#22 Portland Trailblazers
SF. James Worthy...#42 Los Angeles Lakers
PF. Tom Chambers...#24 Seattle Supersonics
C. Kareem Abdul-Jabbar...#33 Los Angeles Lakers.


G. Walter Davis...#6 Phoenix Suns.
G. Mark Aguirre...#24 Dallas Mavericks.
G. George Gervin...#44 San Antonio Spurs.
G. Rolando Blackman...#20 Dallas Mavericks
F. Xavier McDaniel...#34 Seattle Supersonics
F. Alex English...#2 Denver Nuggets
C. Jack Sikma...#43 Seattle Supersonics


East Starting 5...

PG. Penny Hardaway...#1 Orlando Magic
SG. Michael Jordan...#23 Chicago Bulls
SF. Scottie Pippen...#33 Chicago Bulls
PF. Larry Johnson...#2 Charlotte Hornets/New York Knicks.
C. Patrick Ewing...#33 New York Knicks.


G. Mark Price...#25 Cleveland Cavaliers
G. Reggie Miller...#31 Indiana Pacers
G. Drazen Petrovic...#3 New Jersey Nets
F. Dennis Rodman...#10 & 91 Detroit Pistons/Chicago Bulls
C. Alonzo Mourning...#33 Charlotte Hornets/Miami Heat
C. Shaquille O'Neal...#32 Orlando Magic
C. Brad Daugherty...#43 Cleveland Cavaliers

West Starting 5....

PG. John Stockton...#12 Utah Jazz
SG. Clyde Drexler...#22 Portland Trailblazers/Houston Rockets
SF. Charles Barkley...#34 Phoenix Suns/Houston Rockets
PF. Karl Malone...#32 Utah Jazz
C. Hakeem Olajuwon...#34 Houston Rockets


G. Gary Payton...#2 & 20 Seattle Supersonics
G. Kevin Johnson...#7 Phoenix Suns
G. Mitch Richmond...#2 Golden State Warriors/Sacramento Kings
G. Sean Elliott...#32 San Antonio Spurs
F. Kevin Garnett...#21 Minnesota Timberwolves
F. Shawn Kemp...#40 Seattle Supersonics
C. David Robinson...#50 San Antonio Spurs


East Starting 5....

PG. Jason Kidd...#5 New Jersey Nets
SG. Allen Iverson...#3 Philadelphia 76ers/Detroit Pistons
SF. LeBron James...#23 Cleveland Cavaliers
PF. Rasheed Wallace...#30 & 36 Atlanta Hawks/Detroit Pistons
C. Dwight Howard...#12 Orlando Magic


G. DWayne Wade...#3 Miami Heat
G. Vince Carter...#15 Toronto Raptors/New Jersey Nets
G. Gilbert Arenas...#0 Washington Wizards
F. Paul Pierce...#34 Boston Celtics
F. Ben Wallace...#3 Orlando Magic/Detroit Pistons/Chicago Bulls/Cleveland Cavaliers
F. Chris Bosh...#4 Toronto Raptors
C. Zydrunas Ilgauskas...#11 Cleveland Cavaliers


PG. Steve Nash...#13 Dallas Mavericks/Phoenix Suns
SG. Kobe Bryant...#8 & 24 Los Angeles Lakers
SF. Carmelo Anthony...#15 Denver Nuggets
PF. Tim Duncan...#21 San Antonio Spurs
C. Shaquille O'Neal...#32 & 34 Los Angeles Lakers/Phoenix Suns


G. Tony Parker...#9 San Antonio Spurs
G. Chris Paul...#3 New Orleans Hornets
G. Manu Ginobili...#20 San Antonio Spurs
F. Dirk Nowitzki...#41 Dallas Mavericks
F. Amare Stoudemire...#1 & 32 Phoenix Suns
F. Kevin Garnett...#21 Minnesota Timberwolves
F. Chris Webber...#4 Sacramento Kings

Some areas were kinda sketchy, but with the All Star Game right around the corner, I decide to make these.

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Reminisce Session: 1998 Air Ubiquitous Max.

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Well, Well, Well....what do we have here....another trainer from the mid to late 90s that's damn near impossible to find. I have been looking for these FOREVER. Nike retroed these in 2001-02 as a footaction exclusive, but in white/navy blue. I miss those days when footaction used to get their own colorways and shit. Footlocker bought them in 2004 when they were going bankrupt and they haven't gotten shit like that since. I'm a lil' geeked so the word shit might pop up a few more times...but fuck it. This is my blog. I NEVER SEE THESE ON EBAY. Never. I cannot put into words how bad I want these. Where is the Retro? Where? SHIT.

Old Flames......And Good Friends

I'm about to get my laptop swept and I took some old pictures I have off of it. The uh... title says it all.

My first love Amber. <3 (1999-2001)
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I love this pic...she like WTF? This from spring 2008.
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Patrice (2006 to....)
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Lena (2007)
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Image and video hosting by TinyPic
Khrys. (2008)
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Ahh....Those were the days....:)

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Let Them Boys Know That Them Broads Keep Chasin'....Hit The Club Throwback FUCKIN Walter Payton.

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I guess I should call this yesterday since it's 2am, but today was ok. I hung out with my dad and he explained to me the difference between the two million different cowboy shows he watches on Encore westerns and AMC......LOL.

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Then I met Zarinah downtown because she bought Cavs tickets. Yay. I wasn't too up about the game because it was against the Sacramento Kings....who haven't been good since the teams of Webber, Stojakovic, Bibby, Christie, Divac, and Bobby Jackson. It was a nice gesture though considering we've been beefing a bit lately. We ate at tower 230 at the top of Tower City and since it was happy hour, all the appetizers were 5 bucks and the beer was cheaper, but they never include shit that I drink....Heinekens, Corona, or Blue Moon.

LeBron being introduced......
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National Anthem....
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Me looking stupid...
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So we get to the arena, and there are kids everywhere...AND I MEAN EVERYWHERE....then I realize that it's McFamily Night....something that the Cavaliers and McDonald's have where you can get 4 extra value meals, 4 tickets, and a parking pass for like $72 dollars. I honestly think I got up 50 or 60 times during the game.....smh...Then a girl at a concession stand asked me why I was wearing some Black and Purple Nikes with fatigues....and I ask "WHY DOES THAT MATTER TO YOU??!!"

I Guess the tone I used might've been taken by some as abrasive because she just looked at me and the rolled her eyes and looked away. LOL.

The game itself was good....the Cavs won with both LeBron James and Mo Williams getting triple doubles, and Mo scoring a career high 43 points.

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Sacramento held tough though with Kevin Martin....the Danny Granger of the western conference with 30+. LeBron had 23 points and 11 assists. After getting into it with Zarinah about some dumb shit, I went to watch the Lakers play the Charlotte Bobcats with my father........

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They were close with Charlotte the whole way....going into to overtime with them twice. I knew chances were slim of them winning when Kobe fouled out right before the end of the first overtime. smh.

Kobe and Lamar arguing with the ref about the foul out.
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The Lakers are lacking toughness.....Derek Fisher and Kobe bring it every night....Bynum is getting back to where he was last year before his injury, but Odom and Gasol along with some of the Laker bench is too erratic for me sometimes.....some of those guys are absolutely useless if their shots aren't falling...cough...cough....Radmonovic....cough cough...Vujacic.... I'm not sure why Phil hasn't started starting Odom with Gasol and Bynum up front....what could happen???

And then yesterday Nikki kept calling me......

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I used to date her in 2005 and 2006 after me and my ex Danielle parted ways, but since we've dated, Nikki has decided that she's a lesbian and she moved to San Francisco this past year. I have nothing against lesbians, but if that's what you are, why the fuck do you wanna be bothered with me? You live 3,000 miles away....You've got a beautiful girlfriend that could get it...AND I MEAN GET IT....I guess she's coming back to visit her peoples but she wants to get together, but I'm not sure why??? I asked her and kinda let it be known that if the nature of us getting together wasn't in the same context that it was before, that it was no point. Am I wrong for feeling that way?

LOL. I can laugh about it now, but this girl did me so dirty that I actually related really well with Carl Thomas' "I wish", because I wish I never met her....AT ALL.

Monday, January 26, 2009

R.I.P Melanie.

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Today was ok. I worked from 11-9pm....but my dad called me to tell me that my friend Melanie had passed away. She had cancer. I couldn't believe it believe it because she appeared to be getting better. Her dad is one of my dad's best friends. If there's any solace, at least she doesn't have to suffer anymore. The last time I saw her, she thanked me because I hooked her and her dad up with an 360, 2 wireless controllers, and GTA IV for 220 from when I was still at CD/Game Exchange. I never know what to say at times like this.

Rest In Peace.

And I look at myself at times like this like a little bitch. I say that because I've been in a funk the last 6 months or so because I've lost a lot of material things with some monatery value, but this girl was battling cancer....trying to hold on and I'm pouting because I can't buy as many shoes as I used to.....or ride around in the car I used to. Right now I'm feeling like I need to get about a 100 of those blue mean smh smiles they use on message boards like NT. She was a wonderful person, and I wish I could've gotten to know her more than I did. She was 26.

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Friday, January 23, 2009

My Forces.

Air Force Ones I have In My Collection.....You Gotta Click On It Though, It's Only Showing 30, But I Really 32 Or 33.

DSR, Kobe & LeBron

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Like I said in my previous blog, I been listening to a lot of Old 04-05...
Forgot how much I liked this shit. The Lakers beat the Cavaliers which I'm very happy about since everyone here in Cleveland thinks that LeBron James is the second coming of MJ. Not that I don't like LeBron, because I think he's great for the city of Cleveland and especially Akron, but with that being said, in a basketball sense, I still feel the Lakers are a better team. Besides, I want the Cavs to do well (just not when they play the Lakers), but I can't be one of these frontrunner fans (that's all Cleveland is for the most part), that just because the Cavs are good now, I gotta jump on their dicks like everyone else. Since then, the Lakers have beaten the Clippers and the that was gonna be hard.

Preview of the 2009 NBA Finals.
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Oh, does anyone other that me remember when Kobe tried to rap being on Brian McKnight's remix of "You should be mine" and having a song with Tyra Banks?

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Reminisce Session: 1996 Air Max Pro Streak.

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Where In The FUCK is the retro for these???????

I got these for Christmas in 1996 when I was a sophmore in high school. I looooveeee these shoes, but I'm having a very difficult time trying to find them in good condition again. My pair from high school belong to my dad now and he does yard word in them so you can only imagine how fucked up they look.

I know that these wouldn't sell well if they retroed but I need these in the collection badly. If you have any in good worn condition 10.5 to 11.5, hell even a 12, get at me!!! The black pair and the TB's are welcome too I guess, but I really just want this colorway pictured. I'm also not interested in the turf version with no air bubble. Someone has to have these.....

It's The Fat Bastard!!! Get In My Belly!!!!

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Sorry...I been listening to a lot of old DSR lately.

Today was a basic day....I went to work in the morning and it was dead for the most part until the UPS man brought our Nintendo Wii's!!! I sold 4 of them before I left. It was decent....Myself and my co-worker watched Eagle Eye.

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It was a great movie and I wouldn't mind owning it. I later watched the Lakers and Spurs and I thought it was gonna be a sequel to last night where Kobe hit a three to pretty much bury the Rockets. Kobe hit the three, but at the very end Derek Fisher fouled Roger Mason with the Lakers up by two....Mason got an And 1.


Shit put a damper on the entire evening.

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Well....hopefully the Lakers smarten up and sign Robert Horry back...he's a free agent and he's not doing anything else since the Spurs didn't keep him.

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To me, he could do for the Lakers what P.J. Brown and Sam Cassell did last year for the Celtics. Also, the Lakers D is a far cry of what it was during the Kobe-Shaquille Championships or the way Phil got the Bulls to play lock down defense in the 90's. I think a lot of that is because these Lakers don't have the court savvy vets to carry out Phil and Tex's defensive schemes. If you look at those Bulls and Lakers teams Phil coached in the past, that's one consistent thing....court savvy vets.

Memo to Gasol.....Tighten up that D!!!! PLEASE!!! Duncan had him looking like toast in the latter parts of the 4th quarter. I was starting to get flashbacks of the NBA finals when Garnett dunked on him in Boston.

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Hey, I'm not hatin', It's just been more than 6 years since we've seen this....

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Bonus Pic....Magic and Them in '87.
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Sunday, January 11, 2009

Happy New Year.

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Yeah, I know I'm a little late, but happy new year. It's Sunday, and I really should be at church, but right now I seem to be dividing my time between NBA TV, and the internet. I've really gotta get back to going....I haven't been regularly since like April. Today, I'm waking up to a ridiculous amount of that means that certain shoes I thought about wearing this week will have to go back in their boxes until some of this melts.

I'm pumped about this year shoe wise as far as upcoming releases, and I can't remember the last time I felt this way....there are so many shoes coming out that I want to get. I have more than half of them as OG's, but certain ones are starting to show their Griffey 1's, Bordeaux 7's, and Total Max Uptempos to name a few. Anyone who knows me through shoes knows how much I love Bordeauxs, but there hasn't been any concrete proof that they're supposed to retro. I've also heard that they may bring back the French Blue and Black/Red 7's again as well....but my 2002 pair are still NDS of the Black/Red....I had the French Blues but sold them in 2006 for a nice amount, they were a lil' too snug for me to keep wearing. I'm also pumped for the Air Trainer SC in the OG knicks colorway, OG medicine ball Air Trainer 3, the cement Air Jordan 3 (I can never have enough pairs of them), and the safety orange 95's (even with the black suede mudguard)....those have been some shoes that have eluded me too many times on ebay.

Ashley (SolesistaAsh) and I were talking yesterday and I mentioned how guys beast over her on NT and other sites were both members of and she said that wasn't true and that I have a personal fan club on NT and I had to laugh. I did because there have been so many times where other people have worn the exact same shoe as me(sometimes in worst condition) and got plenty of compliments while I got nothing. I had to hit here with the "Nah, that's you", because on shoe forums, women are always going to get the most attention simply because they're women no matter what they're wearing.

recent pic taken of me.
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I've had to leave eBay alone for awhile because I recently lost to very close auctions for some air max 95's in the Pool and Safety Orange colorways....Nike hasn't released either of these since 1998.

Ashley got to win some though....for a steal. Her showing them off.
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Other than that though, I been working and watching as much basketball as humanly possible. On thursday a bunch of us Ex and a few still current CD/Game Exchange employees and managers got together at this bar on called the Fairmount in Cleveland Heights because Mike Simpson (another former CD/Game Exchange Co of the best managers I've ever worked with)is the bartender and you know what that means.....Drinks for the low.

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I didn't get to take any real pics because I still haven't got a new USB for my camera and with that being said, I don't even know where it is. LOL. It was too dark in there for me to take any pics with my phone. Aric, Amy, Denise, Shantell, her cousin Shatoria, Myself, and Will all were in attendance.

Me and Shantell.
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Me and Will...I know my knuckles/hands are ashy.LoL.
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Me and Amy.
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Me, Aric, and Denise.
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Amy paid for everyone's food and drinks....I guess that was out of guilt.

I also saw this recently......the old job. I guess it's kind of fitting that the C is gone LOL.
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Seeing everyone again was great. It did make me realize how much I miss being in Management. It's hard after being in charge for years to being just a regular employee but eh....hopefully that's just temporary.

The Cavs/Celtics game was awesome, but Everyone around here is pumped that that they're tied with the Lakers for the best record in the NBA. People think I'm a hater, but I always respond back with "It's a long season".

Zarinah's been acting jake the last couple of days, but what's new?
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HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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