Friday, February 4, 2011


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Won These For 85 Shipped! I Can't Believe I Have Both The One Time Onlys And The Air Force 180's! I Can't Wait To Wear These Bitches When The Weather Is Cooperative.....

I've Been On Absolute Fire On Ebay....Winning Shit That I Always Wanted! I Also Have Recently Won Some Kobe II's In The Carpe Diem Colorway, Some SB T-19's, The Bloody Valentine P-Rod 2's, Some Infared Structure Triax '91's To Name A Few. I Got Outbid On Some Espo Air Force II's In The Final Minute. (Felon Face) And I Won Another Lil' Penny Doll As Well....I Paid 70 For One In 2008....This One Was Only Around Twenty.

I Also Work For These Cats Now.....

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